Finance Minister: Syrian Businessmen Are Able to Rebuild their Country

Under  the title “Investment Incentives in Syria in Post-War Era”, the Fourth Businessmen Forum was opened on Wednesday at Apamea Hotel in Lattakia province.

A number of businessmen, banks and concerned trade, industrial and economic bodies, as well as expatriates and some insurance companies are taking part in the two-day event which is organized by Orfahli Group for Consultations and Training.

The forum, the first of its kind in Lattakia, aims at reactivating economy and investment in the coastal area, which enjoys fertile investment environment, and at discovering investment opportunities there to support national economy.

 The event plays key role in attracting investments in different domains. It discusses most important economic issues relating to rebuilding the Syrian economy and to ensuring the economic, trade and industrial infrastructure for investment.

The forum also paves the way for public and private companies and for businessmen to carry out joint projects, offers pioneering and innovative thoughts and initiatives and presents different investment opportunities.

Investment incentives

In a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper, Finance Minister Dr. Ma’amoun Hamdan  saluted the Syrian Arab Army, because thanks to its great achievements and sacrifices in the fight against terrorism such activities are made possible and are being held.

He said the forum is important as to discuss the role of businessmen in activating investment in Syria, referring to the key role of the incentives given by the state in support for businessmen and investors.

Dr. Hamdan highlighted the fact that the unjust war on Syria has strengthened the Syrians’ will and proved that they are able to rebuild their lovely country.

Through holding this forum, the minister said, the Syrian businessmen, investors as well as concerned trade and industrial bodies stress that they are able to rebuild their country and attain great achievements as the Syrian Arab Army has done.

Dr. Hamdan highly appreciated the steadfastness and insistence of the Syrian investors and businessmen to stay in Syria and carry out investment projects despite the armed terrorists groups’ attempts to undermine the country's industry, economy and trade and despite the destruction of many factories as well as industrial and trade facilities.

On investment incentives to reach real partnership between the government and businessmen, Dr. Hamdan said “there are a lot of incentives and all the recently issued laws and adopted measures were the result of discussion between the government and businessmen.

He made it clear that the Syrian government didn’t work alone, referring in this connection to the consultation council at the presidency, businessmen as well as the economic committee that includes representatives of business sector.

Dr. Hamdan stressed that the government’s support for businessmen, investors and exporters has led to reactivating the production process and the national economy.

During the forum, 11 investment projects were proposed by the Syrian Investment Agency (SIA) covering all sectors. Besides, 18 other opportunities that take the distinction and attractive elements of the coastal cities of Lattakia and Tartous into consideration, were also presented for investment.

Interviewed by Rawaa Ghanam