MoU Between Province of Homs and the province of Khanti Mansisk Signed

Homs-The province of Homs and the province of Khanti Mansisk in the Russian Federation yesterday signed a memorandum of cooperation in the economic and cultural spheres in As -Safeer Hotel of Homs.

The memo provides for strengthening cooperation and encouraging the establishment of economic events, exhibitions and joint conferences and the exchange of scientific, economic and cultural information to activate cooperation between the two sides, in addition to the formation of joint committees in accordance with the laws in force in Syria and the Russian Federation.

The Governor of Homs, Talal Al-Barazi, said that the visit comes within the framework of joint cooperation between Syria and Russia to achieve success and progress in various fields of cooperation. The governor of Khanti Mansisk, Natalia Komarova Vladimirovna, noted that their visit to Homs province comes with the aim of contributing to peace building at various levels, stressing the support of this agreement, especially in the field of trade and economic and strengthening cooperation in the areas of science, education and education.

A number of members of the parliamentary delegation of the Russian State Duma expressed their full support in the coming stage and the return of security and stability to Syria. Members of the delegation also expressed their willingness to participate in several projects in the city of Homs.

For their part, the businessmen and traders in the city of Homs stressed the importance of the agreement and their willingness to cooperate with Russian businessmen and encourage them to participate strongly in the establishment of joint investment projects in various sectors of tourism, agriculture and service.

The members of the Russian delegation, during their visit to the Industrial city of Hesya, highlighted the technical level, the industrial and investment development witnessed by the industrial facilities and incentives offered to the investors, pointing out the possibility of establishing joint projects between the Khanti Mansisk and Homs province in the field of oil and gas.

For her part, Mrs. Vladimirovna noted the importance of the investment atmosphere provided by the industrial city and the incentives offered by the city to businessmen and investors.

For his part, the Director of the Industrial City Eng. Bassam Mansour explained the reality of investment in the industrial city and its various facilities and services.


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