Syria, Russia to Promote Tourism Cooperation

Moscow – The Minister of Tourism Bishr Yazigi discussed here with the head of the Federal Agency for Tourism in Russia Oleg Savonov the development of cooperation between the Syrian companies and their Russian counterparts working in the field of tourism, travel and tourism investment.

The two sides also discussed cooperation in the field of tourism and hotel training and study the possibility of establishing a joint Syrian-Russian company to develop tourism work.

During the meeting, Mr. Yaziji reiterated Syria's readiness to provide all facilities to Russian companies, pointing out the need to conduct a detailed study of the Russian tourists' gradual return to Syria according to well thought out programs.

Mr. Yazji pointed out that the tourist elements in Syria are very important in terms of sandy beaches and mountainous landscapes, which have been planned to establish tourist cities in addition to the richness of Syria with historical sites and castles.

In an interview with the SANA correspondent in Moscow, Mr. Yaziji described the meeting with Mr. Savonov as important. The developments in the tourism industry were reviewed through the Moscow International Tourism Fair, one of the most important international tourism exhibitions.

Mr. Savonov said in a similar interview: "It is very important to cooperate in the field of tourism, where Syria is the cradle of civilizations and has important tourism resources, including historical and wonderful monuments and Christian and Islamic sanctuaries. Therefore, large tourist groups from all over the world will flow to Syria after the war including Russia".

Earlier, Mr. Yazigi called for investment in the Syrian tourism sector, pointing out that there are new decisions to encourage this sector that gives priority to Syrian investors.

During a meeting at the Syrian Embassy in Moscow with some Syrian businessmen including expatriates living in Russia, Mr. Yazji pointed out that the tourism sector has worked hard despite the terrorist war being waged against Syria, pointing to the start of the recovery phase in this sector.


The Minister pointed to the importance of attracting Russian tourists to visit Syria and to invest in its tourism sector and crown the strategic and historical relations that link Russia and Syria with successful tourism relations.

After listening to the questions and suggestions of Syrian businessmen, Mr. Yaziji explained that the Ministry of Tourism relies heavily on the role of the media in promoting tourism in Syria "because it is the only means that can deliver visual advertising to tourists." The ministry will promote tourism in Russian in its publications.

He also met with Archbishop Eliarion, Head of the External Church Relations Department of the Moscow Patriarchate and the East Orient of the Greek Orthodox.

The meeting dealt with the deep relations linking the two countries. The Minister expressed appreciation for the support provided by Russia and the Patriarchate to Syria in the face of the terrorist war.

Earlier, Mr. Yaziji visited the Moscow International Tourism Exhibition and visited the various pavilions of the official and private international tourism companies. He also held several meetings with Russian officials in the tourism sector.


Sh. Kh.