Internal Trade Minister Calls for Increasing Investments and Providing Job Opportunities

Aleppo, (ST) – The Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Dr. Abdullah Al Gharbi called on members of the Aleppo Chamber of Commerce to translate the activities of economic and commercial activities into concrete projects that contribute to the development of economic and industrial sectors.

During a meeting held on Wednesday with members of the chamber, he confirmed the importance of increasing investments and finding mechanisms and means that attract Syrian expertise and job opportunities for the largest number of citizens and contribute to the advancement of economic reality and export of Syrian products and industries to foreign markets.

The Minister pointed out the need to organize weekly and monthly exhibitions, to open the markets of products and national industries in cooperation and coordination with the concerned ministries to strengthen communication with the owners of trade activities in all governorates and to develop joint plans and programs that will enhance the role of the Chamber of Commerce in achieving economic development and reconstruction of what was destroyed by the unjust war.

For his part, Governor of Aleppo Hussein Diab said that efforts are ongoing and with the support of the government to activate and revitalize the economic movement in the governorate through several projects that have been implemented and to create suitable climates and environment for the investment process and simplifying and facilitating procedures to enable industrialists and traders to resume their activities and work, stressing that the governorate will not spare any effort in order to return the wheel of life and economy of this city and will provide all that is required for the return of Aleppo to its position and its leading position in the economic movement.

A number of members of the Chamber pointed to the need to accelerate the rehabilitation and restoration of damaged markets and provide incentives and support to economic actors to enhance the production process and accelerate the removal of all legal and financial difficulties and provide banking facilities to enable owners of the affected enterprises to rehabilitate and put them into service again.

Sh. Kh.