Renewable Energy Conference Held at Aleppo University

Aleppo, (ST) - The Second Conference on Renewable Energies, held by the Renewable Energy Research Center at the University of Aleppo, took place recently at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

The President of the University of Aleppo, Dr. Mustafa Avioni stressed the keenness of the participants in the conference to direct education and scientific research towards community service and the process of reconstruction and the development of applied scientific research and activate the role of the university in the face of future requirements and new horizons, pointing out that the University of Aleppo is working to complete a project to feed 25 blocks of construction of the facilities of the University with renewable energy.

For his part, the Secretary of the Aleppo University branch of the Arab Socialist Baath party, Dr. Mohammed Nayef Al-Salti, highlighted the importance of the conference, which reflects a scientific and research the progress, which aims to invest renewable energies, providing a clean environment and sustainable development.

The Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Fayez Al-Najjar pointed out that the conference emphasizes the continuation of the path of science and knowledge reviewing the sections of the college and their achievements in the field of scientific research.

The Director of the Center for Renewable Energy and Research, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Hussein, gave a brief overview of the Center, its objectives, activities and projects during the years of war against Syria, such as the small industrial project, pointing out that there is a study of renewable energies project for Aleppo University.

The sessions of the conference included several topics dealing with the topics of alternative energy uses. He talked about the impact of renewable energies and energy management in the environment and the national economy and the phenomenon of global warming as energy is one of the most important elements of construction and progress and the need to rationalize its consumption.

Assistant Director General of the National Center for Energy Affairs, Dr. Sinjar Tomah, discussed the reality of the energy sector in Syria and the importance of rationalization and use of renewable energies and in-depth studies and future plans to develop them during the next phase and raise the efficiency of their use.

A researcher in the field of renewable energies, Dr. Eyad Donna, gave an explanation on the sources of solar radiation in Syria, the system of the solar hybrid, the solar system and the solar panels, while Dr. Fatima Al-Saleh, who holds a degree in civil engineering, talked about the reconstruction and energy strategy and the creation of building materials, heat insulation recycling rubble to be used for construction.

The exhibition included a showcase of renewable energy technologies, which included environmentally friendly products, high-tech and high-power electricity generation technologies, heating and lighting systems, and hydroelectric water pumping systems.


Sh. Kh.