Syrian-Russian Talks to Promote Oil and Gas Cooperation

Moscow, (ST) - The Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Eng. Ali Ghanem said on Monday that cooperation with Russian companies operating in the fields of oil, gas and mineral wealth in the past period has been positive and fruitful as a result of the government orientation in Syria to increase and expand cooperation with the Russian Federation in these fields.

"We aspire to promote our economic relations to the level of political and military relations between the two countries," Mr. Ghanem said during his talks in Moscow with representatives of Russian companies, noting that "Russian companies did not leave Syria and stayed working during the war against terrorism.

Mr. Ghanem pointed out the importance of regular meetings between the two sides to follow up the implementation of the cooperation agreements reached at Sochi and Damascus meetings of the Joint Governmental Committee for Economic and Technical Cooperation with the deadlines for the implementation of joint cooperation projects.

For their part, the representatives of Russian companies confirmed their intention to continue cooperation with the Syrian side and to reflect the projects of this cooperation in a roadmap in the field of energy in all its geological and extractive exploration sectors, rehabilitation and development of fields of oil and gas extraction, phosphate mines and refining sector. For their part, representatives of Russian companies confirmed their intention to continue to cooperate with the Syrian side this cooperation projects and to reflect the energy roadmap in all geological and exploratory sectors mining and rehabilitate and develop oil and gas fields and refining sector and phosphate in addition to implement educational programs and joint actions and scientific studies.

The meeting was attended by Members of the accompanying delegation and the Syrian ambassador in Moscow, Dr. Riad Haddad, attended the talks.


Sh. Kh.