PM: Internal and External Exhibitions Reflect the Recovery of Syrian Industry

Damascus, (ST) - Prime Minister, Imad Khamis, visited on Sunday the 4th specialized Khan Al-Harir Exhibition specialized in the world of fashion and textiles. The event was organized by the Aleppo Chamber of Industry in cooperation with the Ministries of Industry, Economy and Foreign Trade and the Local Production Development and Export Support Authority.

During his tour of the exhibition, Eng. Khamis confirmed the need for full coordination between the Syrian Federation of Exporters and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Labor as an integrated team to develop a common vision for upgrading the local industry and ensuring all its requirements, organizing joint exhibitions in the various Syrian governorates and providing good national product.

The Premier called industrialists and businessmen to provide data describing the reality of their industry accurately to form a database that will enable the government to take the necessary measures to overcome the difficulties experienced by the national industry.

The exhibition, which is specialized in textiles, clothing and shoes has witnessed a great turnout. The number of visitors has doubled five times compared to the previous sessions because of the abundance of industrial production and its diversification.

The industrialists explained that the main part of the products offered in the exhibition is a national industry, which gives a strong evidence of the restoration and the brightness of the local industry. This ancient industry of high quality , he added, forms the backbone of the local market, and the main  support of the internal and external exhibitions and attracting the Syrian businesses to return to the country and provide the necessary facilities to attract them.

The Prime Minister listened to the visitors who expressed their good impressions about the exhibition and the products displayed in the exhibition, especially the well-known Aleppo industry, which is the main source of the local and foreign markets for goods and products of high quality.

In a statement to journalists, Eng. Khamis said that the efforts being exerted by the government are aimed at reducing the obstacles and difficulties and overcoming the challenges imposed by the unfair economic sanctions against the Syrian people.

The Premier revealed that these exhibitions will be held in the international markets after meeting the needs of the local market in order to convey a message to the world about the recovery of the production process in Syria thanks to Syrians' insistence on promoting the economic reality of their country.

For his part, the Minister of Economy Dr. Mohammed Samer Al-Khalil underlined the aim of the exhibition visit is to meet the  industrialists and listen to their demands for the development of the industrial sector, noting to the facilities provided by the government to industrialist which is a good sign of the recovery of the industrial sector.


Sh. Kh.