“Specialized Made in Syria” Exhibition to be Held Soon

Damascus, (ST) - The Syrian Exporters' Federation and the Damascus Chamber of Industry, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade, will organize the “Specialized Made in Syria " Exhibition for clothing, textiles, production supplies and leathers on February 15 to 18 on the Grounds of the City Fairs.


The Head of the Syrian Exporters Federation, Mohamed al –Sawah said that the exhibition will be held in support of the national industry and represents a sign of the recovery of the Syrian industry.

Mr. al Sawah said that the exhibition will be an important economic event due to the presence of some 800 businessmen, suppliers and traders representing different countries, including Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Lebanon and Kuwait, the exhibition contributes to the promotion of Syrian products to the markets of Libya and African countries through the networking with visitors from those countries to restore the brightness of the Syrian products, especially textile, to foreign markets.

He said that the event will reflect the importance of the exhibition because it represents the Syrian textile industry from Damascus to Aleppo, where some 250 companies will display their products from different governorates. These features will be a real opportunity to test the Syrian textile industry again and its ability to prove its presence in the export markets and its brilliance as a competitor product of quality and price.

The textile industry in Syria has been recovering since last year whereas hundreds of factories have returned to production. Many industrialists reopened their factories or new factories after working over the past few years after the return of security and stability to their workplaces, particularly in Damascus and Aleppo.


Sh. Kh.