Syria, Iraq Define Executive Items for Exhibition Exchange

Damascus, (ST)- Within the framework of reactivating the memorandum of understanding signed between Syria and Iraq in the domain of exhibitions, the Director of the General Foundation for Exhibitions and International Markets, Fares Kortalli, and Director of the General Company for Exhibitions and Commercial Services of Iraq, Hashim Al-Sudani discussed here the executive program of the memorandum to activate a number of issues on the ground during the current year.

The two sides agreed during a meeting held at the company's headquarters in the Exhibition City to continue the work of the principle of reciprocity in terms of the area to be granted by both sides free of charge while participating in exhibitions held in one of the two countries.

 The two sides noted the importance of mutual participation and the continuation in both the Damascus International Fair and the Baghdad International Fair, pointing out the possibility of holding the exhibition of Syrian products "direct selling" in Baghdad between the end of March and the beginning of April of this year. The Iraqi side will be granted the possibility of holding an exhibition for direct sale in Syria in a period to be determined later, with the agreement to grant the features and discounts from each party according to the available powers and in accordance with the principle of reciprocity.

The two sides agreed to set up specialized exhibitions in both countries in a time and space suitable for each party. He pointed out the importance of mutual visits between the two parties whenever necessary to facilitate work procedures and exchange of information.

The Iraqi side will provide the General Foundation for Exhibitions and International Markets in Syria with instructions to establish permanent pavilions and commercial centers in Iraq in preparation for the establishment of the Syrian Trade Center in Baghdad.

The General Foundation of Exhibitions will inform the General Company of Exhibitions and Commercial Services of the Syrian National Lottery Law and its working mechanisms, in view of the desire of the Iraqi side to learn about the Syrian experience in this field and study the possibility of applying it in Iraq.

Director of the General Foundation for Exhibitions and International Markets, Fares Kortalli, explained in a statement to the delegate of SANA that the visit of the director of the Iraqi Exhibitions with the Director of the Exhibition Processing Company in Baghdad, Mohammed al-Janabi to Syria came at the invitation of the Foundation to reactivate the work of the memorandum and amend the terms according to the current needs of both sides, pointing out that the cooperation between the two sides since last year and the movement of economic activity and exhibitions, which returned to Syria frequently, demonstrated the need for increased cooperation and the need to revive the previously signed agreements.

The meeting was attended by the Head of the Syrian Exporters’Federation, Mohammed Al-Sawah and member of  the Syrian Chambers of Commerce Ali Reza Turkmani. It is worth mentioning that the Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the two sides in 2011.

Sh. Kh.