Some 40 Iranian Companies Take Part in Specialized Exhibition of Pharmaceutical and Food Industries

 Damascus,(ST) - With the participation of about 40 companies, the Specialized Exhibition of Pharmaceutical Industries, Medical Equipment and Food Industries, sponsored by the Iranian Embassy in Damascus and the Higher Committee for the Development of Iranian-Syrian Economic Relations, was held recently here at the Dama Rose Hotel.

 The exhibition aims to introduce the Iranian domestic product through specialized companies in the medical field, specially the manufacture of medicines and equipment, in addition to companies specialized in the food industry.

  Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Habib Abboud said in a speech he delivered that the importance of the pharmaceutical industry and the progress achieved in both Syria and Iran over the past years and the experience and cooperation existing between the two sides in this field, stressing that the Iranian companies participating in the exhibition reflect the strength of the pharmaceutical product.

 Mr. Abboud described the cooperation between the Syrian and Iranian sides in the pharmaceutical sector as "successful." He also referred to the discussions and studies between the two sides in the field of establishing new industries, laboratories and production lines.

 In a similar speech, Assistant Advisor to the First Deputy of Iranian Ambassador Mustafa Qassimi thanked the efforts of the Syrian government to enter the products of his country to the Syrian market in an appropriate manner, despite the difficulties of export and import.

 Mr. Qassimi stressed that the products displayed in the pavilions are 100% Iranian and reflect the capabilities and scientific capabilities of Iran. He pointed out that Iranian companies are keen to participate in various exhibitions to prove the quality of their products.

 In a statement to reporters, Deputy Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Khaled Abu Fakhr pointed to the existence of previous transactions between the Syrian and Iranian sides regarding the supply of medicines, especially through the General Organization for Foreign Trade, noting that the prices of Iranian medicines are generally suitable for the Syrian market.

 For his part, Dr. Abdul Qader al-Hassan, the Head of Physicians Association in Syria, explained that during the visit of members of the Association to Iran, an agreement of understanding was signed with the Iranian Health Syndicate, including enhancing participation in conferences and medical exhibitions in both countries. He explained that the current exhibition is the first to work and fruitful cooperation in industry. "During our tour in the exhibition, we found equipment with high quality features, which we need in addition to quality specialized medicines."

 Syria and Iran signed a cooperation agreement in the field of health in 2015, which stipulated the continuation of the supply of medicines and medical equipment for hospitals operating in the health sector, higher education and medical services. The two Iranian manufacturers have cooperated in a joint cooperation agreement that provides for trade exchange in accordance with various contracts guaranteeing smooth flow of goods between the two parties.