Developing the work of the General Assembly of the Syrian-Iraqi Company for Land Transport

Damascus, (ST)- Transport Minister, Ali Hammoud, discussed here with Undersecretary of the Iraqi Ministry of Transport Ahmed Karim Abdul Ayoub the results and decisions reached by the meeting of the General Assembly of the Syrian-Iraqi Company for Land Transport, which was held over two days in Damascus.

During a meeting held at the ministry, Eng. Hamoud briefed the company on the reports submitted to the annual meetings of the company. He called for discussing the reality of the company's work and the results achieved to date and the qualitative shift that took place through operating the largest number of trucks and carrying out periodic maintenance and technical and administrative follow- up of 46 trucks.

The Minister pointed to the need to overcome all difficulties and obstacles and coordination in order to reach an integrated state of cooperation between the two brotherly countries, up to the level of cooperation in other fields.

He stressed the importance of benefiting from the full technical expertise and resources available to complete the periodic maintenance of the mechanisms to ensure the continuation of its work, pointing out that the Syrian-Iraqi company should form a model in the cooperation and economic integration and trade exchange between Syria and Iraq.

The minister called for the establishment of a future vision related to rail transport to link the two countries to achieve an increase in trade exchange and expand the department of transport to neighboring countries through cooperation with brotherly Iraq, whether funding or contribute to implementation in view of the importance of the construction of this line, which is 156 kilometers long.

For his part, the Administrative Agent of the Iraqi Minister of Transport pointed to the depth of relations between Syria and Iraq, which necessitates upgrading the level and functions of the transport sector and its development, especially in the field of rail and land transport, which reflects positively on the interests of the two countries, stressing its readiness to put all issues of common interest with the concerned bodies in the Iraqi Ministry of Transport to the benefit of the the two sides in .

Sh. Kh.