"Made in Syria" Exhibition in Baghdad Extends its Activities

 Baghdad,(ST) - The head of the Syrian Exporters Federation (SEF), Mohamed Al-Sawah, announced the extension of the "Made in Syria" exhibition in Baghdad due to the heavy demand from Iraqi citizens and merchants.

 Mr. al Sawah said in a statement on Friday that the Syrian industrial companies participating in the exhibition, which number about 200 companies began shipping additional goods from Syria to the land of the exhibition due to the increased demand for purchase of Syrian products by visitors.

  He pointed out that the number of visitors to the exhibition since its opening until today was about 232 thousand visitors, which confirms its success significantly, pointing out that the number is increasing.

 Mr. al Sawah explained that the establishment of the exhibition in Baghdad represents a wide door opened by the government to producers in order to expand the production and export of all Syrian industrial and agricultural products.

 The exhibition was opened on December 9 on the ground of the Baghdad International Fair.

 Sh. Kh.