India’s Involvement in the Reconstruction Process Discussed

New Delhi, (ST) - During his meeting with seniors of Indian companies, the Syrian Ambassador to India Dr.  Riyad Abbas stressed the need to strengthen the economic relations between Syria and India and exchange ideas about New Delhi's involvement in the reconstruction process in Syria.

 During a conference sponsored by Indian Tata Company, Dr.Abbas reviewed the aspects of the Syrian-Indian relations and the importance of orienting the East as an alternative to the western colonial thought that dominated our region, which coincides with India's vision of fruitful and constructive cooperation between countries and civilizations of peoples.

In an interview with SANA correspondent in India, Dr.  Abbas stressed that Syria attaches great importance to India's role in the future of international relations because it has taken a positive role completely different from the western role, which stems from respect for nations and respect for humanity.

Sh. Kh.