Second Credit Line Will be Activated Between Syria and Iran

TEHRAN, (ST) –The Minister of Electricity Mohamed Zuhair kharbotli, during a meeting with Iran's First Vice President Advisor Sa’eed Aouhadi, who is Chief of the Iranian-Syrian Economic Relations Committee, confirmed here on Monday that the first credit line between Syria and Iran helped supply and implement many projects in Syria.

During the meeting, Eng. Kharbotli expressed his hope to accelerate the activation of the second credit line to benefit in the implementation of many other strategic projects.

 For his part, Mr. Aouhadi announced that the second credit line will be activated during the next two weeks, expressing appreciation for the great efforts made by the Syrian government in dealing with most of the troubled contracts between the two countries related to electricity.

Mr. Aouhadi pointed to the importance of reactivating the electrical connection between Iran, Syria and Iraq because of its great importance in the field of electricity exchange between the three countries, indicating that he will visit Syria soon to discuss the economic relations between the two countries.

It is worth mentioning that a joint meeting was held at the Iranian Ministry of Energy in Tehran on Saturday between the Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian electricity ministries in order to sign a protocol to reactivate the tripartite electricity link between the three countries.

Sh. Kh.