Syrian-Iranian-Iraqi Meeting to Re-activate the Tripartite Electric Connection

Tehran, (ST) - A joint meeting between the Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian electricity ministries was held at the Iranian Ministry of Energy in Tehran on Sunday to sign a protocol to reactivate the tripartite electricity link between the three countries to the exchange of electrical energy between the three countries at times of need.

The linking will be through lines, the first line will be 400 KV lines with a length of 155 km, including 25 km from Al Qaim station to the Iraqi-Syrian border, some 130 km in Syrian territory up to Al Taym station and the second line will be 230 KV with a length of 42 km through the al -Sweidiya Syrian station and the Iraqi Tel Abu Zaher station.

 In a statement to local press, the Minister of Electricity, Eng. Mohamed Zuhair Kharbotli, said that the electrical connection contributes to the support the damages that hit the electrical power field in Syria and Iraq, indicating that the damage will be characterized by these two lines and to map out a timetable to re-activate the electric connection between the three countries.

For his part, the Iranian Deputy Minister of Energy, Hoshenk Falahtian noted that the project will be studied between Syria and Iraq, stressing his country's support for the reconstruction process in Syria and Iraq, especially in the field of energy.

For his part, Iraqi Deputy Minister of Electricity, Adel Kazem Gryan said that the activation of previous agreements, especially the electric line triangular was discussed as the Minister of Electricity toured the 17th International Exhibition of the electricity industry in Iran and briefed on the latest developments in the electrical and power generation in Iran. He also discussed with managers of Iranian and foreign companies the possibility of participating in the reconstruction phase in Syria, specifically within the plan to rehabilitate the electrical system in Syria.

Mr. Kharbotli described the exhibition as a platform for exchanging experiences and learning about the latest industrial products in the field of energy and electricity.

It is worth mentioning that the 17th international exhibition of electricity industry in Iran was opened on Saturday with the participation of 458 local companies and 310 companies from 30 different countries including Syria, Germany, China, Italy, Spain, Finland, Poland, Britain, Sweden and Russia.

Sh. Kh.