Maritime Line between Lattakia Port and Russian Port of Novorossiysk

Damascus, (ST) - The Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade, represented by the Local Production and Export Support Authority and the Syrian Exporters Union, announced here on Monday the launch of the regular maritime route between Lattakia port and the Russian port of Novorossiysk in cooperation with the Russian company SIMA CGM.

According to the announcement, the steamer will kicks off of the Syrian ports of Lattakia to Mersin and Odessa to the Russian port of Novorossiysk. The flight will take 5 days to Odessa and Novorossiysk for 7 days.

 Following the announcement in a statement to local press, Director General of Domestic Production and Export Support Mahdi Daly, clarified that the most important feature of the new maritime line is "speed of arrival of goods, particularly with regard to exporting agricultural products", especially the export of agricultural products that can’t withstand the long time during export to maintain their validity and quality without causing any damage to these products.

Mr. Al-Dali said that the launch of the line comes as a complement to the government's efforts to support production through the opening of new export markets and the alleviation of unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrian people.

Sh. Kh.