Activities of the 1st International Trade and Investment Forum Concluded

Damascus, (ST) -Activities of the first International Trade and Investment Forum was concluded here on Saturday at the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus. The event was organized by Sawa Educational Group and the International Electronic University.

 During the closing ceremony, certificates were distributed to the trainees who continued to attend and participate in the forum's lectures, which were presented by experts and academics from Syria and several Arab countries on international trade for the purpose of preparing trade leaders at a high level of performance and effectiveness.

  Chairman of Sawa Group, Dr. Majed Al-Rekabi, stressed the importance of the forum in enabling trainees to gain knowledge about international trade issues in order to create genuine partnerships between Syrian businessmen and other countries in the world to contribute to the reconstruction of Syria.

 For his part, President of the International Electronic University Mahfouz Salam noted the positive results achieved by the Forum for the information and knowledge of the trainees, expressing the continuation of the university in providing training and development capabilities that benefit the Syrians and contribute to the reconstruction of their country.

 The ceremony was attended by the Minister of State for Investment and Vital Projects Eng. Wafiqa Hosni, the Deputy Minister of Industry Dr. Nidal Falluh, the Charge d'Affaires of the Egyptian Embassy in Damascus, Mohammad Tharwat Salim and a crowd of businessmen and interested parties.

The meeting started on Saturday and the participants received lectures focused on the trade account, the calculation of capital transactions, the net international reserves of monetary gold, liquid assets, imbalance of payments, exchange rate and the foreign exchange market and its types, the relationship between the exchange rate and the balance of payments and the different exchange systems, the international economic organizations, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and the World Trade Organization.

 Sh. Kh.