Premier Khamis tours Data Center in Baramkeh established for providing IT services

Damascus – Prime Minister Imad Khamis inspected in a field visit the Data Center implemented by the Syrian Computer Society (SCS) in al-Baramkeh area in Damascus with the aim of providing services to the public and private sector in all provinces in the field of information security and preservation according to the best international standards adopted, SANA reported.

Premier Khamis was briefed on an explanation of the importance of the services provided to the public and private institutions and on the timetable of the Center to be completely in service with all the technical equipment provided, in addition to the plan of establishing similar centers in the other provinces.

He pointed out to the key role of SCS in spreading the IT culture and building information systems, considering that establishing this advanced center in terms of services and equipment in light of the war of terrorism expresses the strong will of the Syrian people.

 In a statement to journalists following the tour, Minister of Communications and Technology Ali al-Zafir pointed out that establishing a joint stock company for operating the Center will contribute to fulfilling the requirements and needs of the institutions in the country for upgrading the IT sector, affirming that another center is to be established, which will save time and money.