Syria, DPRK to Strengthen Economic Relations and Activate the Agreements

Damascus, (ST) - Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Mohammad Samer Al-Khalil discussed here on Friday with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Economic Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (ROK), Ry Myung-san, the economic relations between the two friendly countries and means of boosting them and boosting the economy of both sides.

 He stressed the importance of strengthening relations through the activation of a number of agreements, including "free zones and economic zones", "exhibitions" and the long-term trade agreement, noting that "Syria will participate in the International Autumn Fair in Pyongyang in September."

Mr. A l-Khalil pointed out that the visit of the DPRK delegation in conjunction with the opening of the 59th session of Damascus International Fair that is considered an important economic event and a proof of the solidity of the relations, which are also considered as a solid base to develop cooperation and increase the volume and proportions of trade exchange.

For his part, Mr. Ri Myung-san thanked Minister Khalil for his invitation to participate in the Damascus International Fair, stressing the continuity of communication to strengthen the economic relations between the two countries through the Joint Economic Committees and expressed his confidence that "the Syrians will overcome this ordeal.

Sh. Kh.