Premier: Cargo Operations for Export Contracts to be Signed During Damascus International Fair Will be Free

Damascus,(ST) - With the approaching launch of the Damascus International Fair, which is an important economic event after a stopover for many years, and the continuation of efforts to end the preparations on time and to the fullest, the Prime Minister Eng. Imad Khamis visited the fairground and briefed on the final preparations for the launch of the Fair.

In an important step supporting companies and countries participating in the Fair, Eng. Khamis said during his tour in the exhibition pavilions that cargo shipments for export contracts to be signed during the Damascus International Fair will be completely free, whether by air, land or sea, pointing to the need to support all participants so as their contracts prices could be competitive in foreign markets.

 Eng. Khamis highlighted the great efforts exerted by the public and private sectors participating in the Fair, which reflect the strength of the Syrian people and their will in life and construction and the return of the Syrian economy as it was before.

For his part, the Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Samer Al-Khalil said that there is great concern from all companies, whether public or private, that their pavilions to be the best and contain the best possible products, indicating that the Fair provides an exceptional opportunity for citizens to use them in buying their needs at a cost that relieves them.

The Head of the Exporters Federation Mohammed Al-Sawah said that the huge area the pavilion of the textile industries occupies in the Fair is the largest in the history of the Syrian textile sector since 1954. This reflects the strength of the Syrian economic sectors at the regional level.

Sh. Kh.