Syrian Expatriate Businessmen in Egypt: We are Keen to Contribute to Reconstruction in Syria

Damascus, (ST)- Chairman of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce Ghassan Al-Qalla’ and members of the Board of Directors discussed here on Monday with a delegation representing the Syrian expatriate businessmen in Egypt the fields of investment offered to Syrian businessmen and their role in the reconstruction phase and facilities offered to them.

 The head of the delegation, Bassam Mohammed Al-Ashram, confirmed the keenness of Syrian businessmen in Egypt to contribute to the reconstruction process and the re-operation of their factories, pointing to the importance of providing facilities and benefits and manpower to enable them to establish their workshops within a short period.

A number of members of the delegation expressed their readiness to undertake any work that contributes to the development of economic and trade relations with Egypt, thus contributing to the development and strengthening of the national economy.

For his part, Mr. al Qalla’ pointed to the great investment opportunities available in Syria in all areas. He pointed out that the many industrial cities and industrial areas in Syria are the largest industrial incubator for all facilities and factories and offer many advantages and facilities for the establishment of various industrial facilities.

For his part, the Secretary of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce, Mohammed Hamsho, pointed out that there are many endeavors to cooperate with the Syrian expatriates in order to encourage them and help them return to their capital and industries, in addition to encouraging the return of Syrian labor. He pointed out that the new investment law will constitute a qualitative leap in investment and will meet the requirements of the current stage.

Sh. Kh.