Large Participation of Arab Businessmen at Damascus International Fair

Damascus, (ST) - The head of the Syrian Exporters Federation (SEF) Mohammed Al-Sawah said that the Damascus International Fair will witness great participation of Arab businessmen from more than 10 Arab countries, especially in light of the facilities provided for their arrival and the shipment of goods.
According to a statement by the SEF to local press, Mr. al Sawah pointed out, during his meeting with a number of businessmen in the Omani capital of Muscat, the importance of holding the Damascus International Fair because it shows the world the rotation of production in Syrian factories and the return of security and safety to many industrial zones in Syria.

Mr. Al-Sawah pointed out that "the government decision on the mechanism of support of air cargo for export contracts, which will be concluded during the days of the Damascus International Fair, where the local production support and exports association will bear 50% of the cost of air freight and 100% of the cost of shipping and land transportation.”

"More than 1,000 businessmen from outside Syria have confirmed their arrival to attend the exhibition and are currently working continuously to mobilize the largest possible participation through the visits of Syrian industrialists and exporters to the target countries and invite businessmen to visit the exhibition with a plane ticket and free stay for 4 days. “According Mr. al –Sawah.
The 59thsession of the Damascus International Fair is due to start on August 17- 26, after a five-year absence.

Sharif al -Khatib