Industry Minister Meets Chinese Delegation

Damascus, (ST) - Minister of Industry Ahmed Al-Hamo discussed here on Thursday with the delegation of the Arab- Chinese Association, chaired by Shen Yong, the prospects of Syrian-Chinese cooperation in the reconstruction phase and the establishment of joint industrial projects.

Mr. Al-Hamo presented the needs of the national industry, especially in the industries of medicine, glass, tires, cars and means of providing raw materials, machines, spare parts and production lines. The Minister confirmed the need to strengthen cooperation between Syrian companies and institutions and their Chinese counterparts.

 For his part, Mr. Yong expressed keenness of the Arab- Chinese Association and members of the delegation to cooperate and establish joint industrial projects and contribute to the reconstruction process.

The meeting was attended by some of directors of industrial establishments and directors of the central administration at the ministry           

The delegation of the Arab- Chinese Association visited Syria during the second half of last April and met a number of officials and parties concerned with economic cooperation between the two countries.

Sh. Kh.