Premier: Syrian-Iranian Investment Projects Achieve Mutual Interest

Damascus, (ST)- Prime Minister Imad Khamis received On Sunday Iranian Ambassador to Damascus Javad Turkabadi and discussed with him the development of relations between the two countries in various fields, especially in the economic sectors.

 Eng. Khamis highlighted the role being played by the Islamic Republic of Iran in support of Syria in light of the terrorist war and providing all forms of support to the Syrian people, considering that "the biggest challenge is the economic war on the Syrian people, which requires the development of relations to an advanced level in all fields."

  "The economic file between the two sides needs to be followed up and enhanced by continuous communication and activating the role of the chambers of commerce and industry in the two countries to play a bigger role in the development of joint investment projects to achieve the mutual interests of the two friendly countries, Eng. Khamis said "

For his part, Ambassador Turkabadi explained that "the relations between Syria and Iran are an example to be followed for the distinguished and strategic relations between countries of common destiny," adding that "Iran's stand with Syria means standing by our common cause that represents the right."

"The great victories that have been achieved in Syria against terrorism have proved that we have one will, and we have a great responsibility to develop and support economic relations between Syria and Iran and to promote communication at the social, cultural and media levels," Turkabadi said.

Sh. Kh.