Chinese Grant to Establish Projects of Human Nature in Syria

 Damascus, (ST) - The International Planning and Cooperation Commission and the Embassy of the People's Republic of China on Sunday signed an agreement in which China will provide a grant of $ 30 million to the Syrian government to implement humanitarian projects according to the needs of the Syrian government and "a free payment of foodstuffs worth $4 million."

 In a statement to reporters after the signing of the agreement, Chinese Ambassador Chiangyin said the agreement is "a consistent evidence of the close friendship between China and Syria." He expressed hope that this support would alleviate the tragedy of the Syrian people.

  The Ambassador affirmed his country's support for the just cause of Syria, its defense of the unity and sovereignty of its territory and supporting its efforts to fight terrorism on its soil, adding that his country also supports "political principles for finding a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria."

The Chinese ambassador stressed that the government and the people of China will continue to exert intensive efforts and stand by the Syrian people in the fields of economic, trade and investment cooperation, noting that the situation in Syria is improving in all fields and with its improvement, Chinese institutions and companies will participate in the reconstruction phase in Syria .

 For his part, Director of the Planning and International Cooperation Commission Imad Sabouni said that the grant from China will be "used in different areas and a list of priorities will be prepared for the selection of necessary needs and will be sent to the donor body to start implementation."

 Mr. Sabouni pointed out that the agreement represents "the beginning of an economic cooperation between Syria and the People's Republic of China, which is one of the major countries supporting Syria," stressing that cooperation will be conducted in various other areas, both public and private sector and the continuation of talks between the two sides.

 The signing of the agreement was attended by the Commercial and Economic advisor of the People's Republic of China in Damascus "Tsui Bin", the assistant chairman of the Commission and a number of concerned members.

 Sh. Kh.