Al-Ghanem: Syria's Participation in the Algiers International Fair An indication of Syrian Economy's Recovery

Algeria- Syrian Ambassador to Algeria, Dr. Numeir Wahib Al-Ghanim, confirmed that Syria's participation in the Algiers International Fair is an indication of the recovery of the Syrian economy despite the difficulties it experienced.

During his visit to the Syrian pavilion at the exhibition accompanied with members of the Syrian community in Algeria, Mr. Al-Ghanim, stressed the need to pay attention to the quality of the Syrian product to maintain its position in the Algerian markets. He pointed out that the great turnout of Algerian citizens to the Syrian pavilion and its products should be an incentive for the Syrian producer and exhibitor to maintain the product and its quality.

 Mr. Al-Ghanim called on the participants to employ the Syrian participation as a platform for promoting the Damascus International Fair at its next session, through the continuous contacts of the Syrian merchants and industrialists with their Algerian counterparts. He considered that the promotion of the exhibition is not limited to the governmental side, but also requires unified efforts by all public and private sectors in Syria.

For his part, Director General of the Local Production and Export Support and Development Authority, Al-Mahdi Al-Dali, pointed out that the Syrian participation in the exhibition was composed of 24 pavilions in addition to 21 commercial and industrial companies from the private sector whose products varied among textiles, cosmetics, plastic industries and veterinary medicines.    

For his part, Representative of the Artisans Chiefs Senate Adnan Tanbakji, said that the participation of the Syrian craftsmen in the exhibition constitutes a link with modern industries and crafts to preserve the impress of Syrian heritage, pointing out that the visitors of the exhibition of Algerians and foreigners expressed great admiration and interest in the traditional Syrian product.

 The exhibition was opened recently with the participation of a number of ministers of the Algerian government, the Syrian ambassador and members of the diplomatic corps.


Sh. Kh.