Damascus and Moscow Chambers of Commerce to Expand Trade Cooperation

Moscow, (ST)- Head of the Damascus Countryside Chamber of Commerce Osama Mustafa met on Tuesday with the Head of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce Vladimir Platonov. The two sides  discussed the role of the two chambers of commerce in developing and enhancing trade relations between Syria and Russia in a way that cope with the historical relations between the two friendly countries.

 The two sides discussed the expansion of trade exchange and the revitalization of businessmen and companies movement between the two countries to open new areas of cooperation, especially the role of Russian companies in the fields of investment and reconstruction in Syria and the opening of Russian markets to Syrian industrial and agricultural products, especially citrus to contribute to overcoming the effects of unfair sanctions imposed by some Western and European countries against the two countries.

The head of the Damascus Countryside Chamber of Commerce, who is a member of the People's Assembly, praised the positions of Russia's leadership and people and its economic, political and humanitarian support to the Syrian people in light of the terrorist war and unfair economic sanctions imposed by the countries involved in the war against Syria.

The meeting was attended by members of the People's Assembly Ammar al-Assad, Husam Qatrji and the Assistant Secretary-General of the People's Assembly Dr. Ghazi Abbas.

Sh. Kh.