Ministry of Economy: Press Conference on the Preparations of the DIF

Damascus, (ST) - The Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade, in cooperation with the General Establishment for Exhibitions and International Markets held a press conference for the representatives of a number of companies, ambassadors and diplomats about the preparations that have been taken for the establishment of the 59th session of Damascus International Fair (DIF), in the city of exhibitions at the road to Damascus International Airport.

During the conference, Information Minister Mohammed Ramez Torgoman stressed that the Damascus International Fair "is not an economic phenomenon but also a social and cultural one," pointing out that the exhibition this year is, "a message to the world that we are committed to the culture of life and we will work with confidence on rebuilding and reconstruction."


For his part, Culture Minister Mohammad Al-Ahmad clarified that the next exhibition will contain a variety of activities including cultural and artistic events, highlighting the civilized aspect of Syria.

The Cabinet approved the establishment of a new session of Damascus International Fair in August 16 to 22.

Sh. Kh.