Syria, Russia to Promote Economic Cooperation

Damascus, (ST) -  Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, Dr. Abdullah al Gharbi and  Director of the Russian Suvo Karim company, Timorov Mohammed Mohammed Fetch discussed mechanisms to promote and develop the economic cooperation between the two countries and open new horizons for various economic cooperation.

The meeting focused on the latest acts that have been carried out by the Russian side in the area of  Tel Kalakh Mill which will be put into the service in the near future to produce six hundred tons per day of flour in addition to the potential for renovating and building many of other mills and silos by Suvo Karim Company and the transfer of the necessary equipment of production to the Syrian silos and mills.


In a press statement, the Minister explained that the aim of the meeting was to "find common ground to reach a final version with Suvo Karim company for the rehabilitation of 22 silos that were used to store grain out of 30 silos, as well as rehabilitation and restoration of ten mills."

The Minister noted that the meeting stressed on the need for technology transfer to Syria by adding production lines and processing of raw materials, spare parts and switches required for the lines of operation and production in silos, mills, preparing and qualifying the Syrian technical personnel to carry out the management and maintenance of facilities that are rehabilitated and constructed by Syrian hands and national expertise ensure the continuity of the work of silos and mills. He also expressed the readiness of the Syrian side to provide facilities and procedures that ensure what has been discussed and projects to be implemented.

For his part, the Director of Suvo Karim Company underlined the keenness  to provide various forms of support to Syria for the advancement of economic, commercial and living aspects and providing what the Syrian people needs of help in the construction and restoration of vital economic facilities, referring to prepare for the implementation of actions and projects entrusted to the company at the lowest possible cost.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Jamal Eddin Shoaib and managers of the General Establishment for Cereal Processing and Trade and the General Company for Mills and the General Company of Silos.

Sh. Kh.