Talks with Italian delegation to provide humanitarian and medical aid

DAMASCUS, (ST) – The Board of Directors of Damascus Chamber of Commerce discussed here yesterday with an Italian delegation means to provide humanitarian and medical aid to alleviate the suffering of the Syrians.

Chairman of Damascus Chamber of Commerce, Ghassan Qalla’ highlighted the developing relations between the two friendly countries in all sectors, mainly trade relations.

Members of the Chamber underlined the need to put an end to the unilateral economic sanctions imposed on the Syrian people and the ban on banking transactions and to facilitate the supply of products, goods and equipment for hospitals and associations working in the social, medical and humanitarian fields.


For their part, members of the Italian delegation stressed their support for Syria, confirming the importance of knowing what is actually happening in the country, especially many Western media outlets are trying to mislead the world public opinion and distort the reality of events in Syria.

For his part, a member of the delegation said the visit aims at evaluating the humanitarian situation in Syria due to the crisis and to discuss the areas of providing and delivering humanitarian aid.

Sh. Kh.