Ministry of Agriculture Discusses Visions and Future Plans to Improve Agricultural Sector

Damascus, (ST)- Participants in the meeting held recently by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform with the General Federation of Peasants (GFP) discussed the reality of the implementation of agricultural production plan for the winter season of 2016-2017 and the difficulties facing farmers in their work and proposed solutions as well as plant and animal agricultural production, forestry plan, land reclamation, the reality of livestock requirements and ways to help the peasants affected by drought and natural disasters.

 Minister of Agriculture Ahmed Qadri underlined the need to work with peasant organizations for the promotion of agriculture, pointing out that visions and future plans of the GFP will be thouroughly discussed, in addition to ways to overcome the difficulties facing the implementation of the plans. New investment ideas will also be explored, he said.

For his part, Director General of Cooperative Agricultural Bank Ibrahim Zeidan revealed that a shipment of fertilizers will reach within a few days as the bank has finished preparations and put a list for distributing fertilizers to all the bank's branches in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and the GFP.

For his part, the chairman of the GFP Ahmed Saleh Ibrahim pointed out that the goal of the meeting was to follow-up the plan put for this year and the difficulties of implementation, including the lack of fuel and fertilizers. He noted integration between the work of the GFP and the Ministry's as to alleviate the suffering of farmers and improving their living by meeting production requirements and enhancing the role of women working in the agricultural sector and micro-sized enterprises.

Members of the Executive Office of the GFP and Directors at the ministry attended the meeting, which was held at the Ministry of Agriculture.

Sh. Kh.