Some 200 Companies to Take Part in "Syria Mod"

 Damascus, (ST)-Syrian Exporters Federation (SEF) continues preparations for the success of the exhibition "Syria Mod”specialized in textile sector and its requirements. The event will be held under the auspices of the Prime Minister Imad Khamis later this month with the participation of 200 Syrian companies working in Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Hama and Latakia.

 The SEF said in a statement that some 500 Arab and expatriate businessman and dealers fixed their participation in the exhibition. The participating companies will showcase the latest products in the world of fashion at the exhibition's pavilions in the hotels of al-Sham, Dama Rose and Sheraton that were booked for the benefit of the exhibition, which presents the pride of the Syrian textile industry of women, boys and men clothes, lingerie and requirements of production.

  The SEF noted that the government provided all support to ensure the success of the exhibition and ensured the right atmosphere to make deals for the supply of Syrian products to different markets, especially since there are visitors of the exhibition from Iraq, Kuwait, Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan and Yemen.

 The SEF received direct support from the ministries of tourism, economy, transportation, culture and interior especially in terms of giving the private bookings, aviation and facilitate the entry of businessmen which would make the exhibition a success. The event will witness meetings between Syrian industrialists and exporters on the one hand and between traders and Arab businessmen on the other hand to sign deals on exporting Syrian high quality and competitive products to Arab markets.

 According to the SFE, the exhibition will be held with a new vision that reflects the Syrian industry's ability to sparkle again, noting the participation of 200 Syrian companies, representing hundreds of workshops from various Syrian governorates, In the event. There are requests from 300 companies to display in the "Syria Moda" at a time where the Syrian textile industry began to regain its position in the export markets.

 The SEF expects that “Syria Mod” Exhibition 2017 is a real shift in the textile industry and in the export figures as it will be an opportunity to strengthen the confidence of suppliers from other countries in the Syrian product in light of the good reputation of the Syrian goods.


Sh. Kh.