China's Participation in Reconstruction in Syria Discussed

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria and China on Thursday discussed  bilateral ties and China's participation in the process of reconstruction in Syria.

During a meeting with China's Ambassador in Damascus Qi Qianjian, Prime Minister Imad Khamis thanked Beijing for supporting Syria at different international gatherings, stressing that "today we are amid a global war on terrorism, with takfiri terrorists on the one side and all peoples of the world that began to suffer from terrorism on the opposite side."

"We are confronting terrorism in parallel with exerting political efforts to attain security and stability to the Syrian people," said Khamis.

 He pointed out that the government's economic development plan works within two axes; the first has to do with re-launching the development process in the country while the second has to do with enhancing trade relations with friendly countries. Thus, the premier said, " we need to strengthen the base of trade cooperation and exchange between Syria and China."

"We are working to open a direct air flights between the two countries as to encourage trade exchange," the premier said.

Investment in Syria is more feasible than before

He urged the Chinese companies to carry out investments in Syria in all economic sectors, clarifying that investment in Syria today is more feasible because of the expansion of safe areas after being liberated from terrorism and because of the incentives and facilities provided by the government to investors.

On his part, the Chinese Ambassador said his country supports initiatives aiming to attain peace and political solution that ends the suffering of the Syrian people caused by terrorism. He reiterated China's support for Syria in its war on terrorism and vowed more assistance to the Syrian people.

He expressed the Chinese businessmen's willingness to invest in Syria and to have wide participation in Damascus International Fair late this year's summer.

 "We have good relations with Syrian businessmen and we are willing to consolidate these ties," Qianjian said.

He pointed out that the victories of the Syrian Arab army serve economic development in Syria and open the way for enhancing the country's economy through joint cooperation, particularly with China, because it enjoys trade advantages and has got technological, agricultural and industrial investments in most countries of the world.

"We have a plan to restore and activate the silk road therefore we are consolidating our relations with Asian and European countries, said the Chinese ambassador, noting Beijing's clear vision for future joint projects.

Hamda Mustafa