Oil Tanker Loaded with a Million Barrels of Crude Oil Arrived in Syria: Oil Ministry

DAMASCUS, (ST)- An oil tanker loaded with one million barrels of crude oil arrived in Syria on Tuesday., according to the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources.

The process of unloading the barrels started immediately in preparation for refinement.

In a statement, the ministry said the new shipment will make remarkable improvement in the electricity situation in the country within the coming few days.


The arrival of the oil tanker as well as the fuel oil and gasoline supplies will meet the needs of fuel stations that have suffered severe fuel shortage over the past days, Director General of the Fuel Company Samir al-Hussein told SANA, pointing out that the situation will be become normal by next week.

Al-Hussein referred to the availability of gas for home in all Syrian provinces, particularly as  the daily production of gas cylinders increased to reach around 140,000 in Damascus, Damascus countryside and Aleppo.

 The government has signed deals at 200 billion Syrian Pounds to ensure oil necessary to enhance fuel oil and gasoline supplies. It also allowed the private sector to import oil in order to meet the need of the production process.

Hamda Mustafa