FSCA Stresses importance of Agricultural Trade

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Chairman of the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Agricultural (FSCA), Mohammad Kashto, called for creating an integrated  system of work for the development and promotion of the Syrian food and  agricultural exports and the work to establish a competent body to serve the foreign agricultural trade aiming at removing obstacles concerning Syrian agricultural products and opening new markets through monitoring  the markets around the world.

Mr. Kashto stressed the need to implement the trade agreements signed with countries which  allow their markets to absorb the Syrian agricultural commodities and in a way that  stimulates Syrian agricultural exports and secures the  access to larger markets, negotiation to create a partnership with the producers of organic agricultural products in the world,  the establishment of a strong base that encourages organic farming locally and benefit of this growing agriculture that supports job creation and promote foreign business.

"To develop and promote the trade of commodities, Syrian agricultural, forestry and fishing is considered an essential field, so it must be given a priority as a vital component of the food security and a key factor in creating jobs," he explained.

"The importance of the universities and scientific research centers should pay  more attention to graduate specialized technical staff in agricultural marketing to be  able to deal efficiently with modern scientific methods in the field of agricultural products trade and electronic commerce, " Mr.Kashto pointed out.

He also noted the role exerted by producers, industrialists and artisans working in the sector of  importing agricultural and food products, which contributed to ensure the food security of the country.

He expressed optimism about the reality of the Syrian agricultural and food trade, its exports and imports, explaining they are still "good, despite the exceptional circumstances that prevailed in the country," pointing out that the value of exchanging the annual agricultural commodities estimated at 6,290 billion dollars two years ago, 2,562 billion dollars, the value of the Syrian agricultural exports and  3,728 billion dollar, the value of the  Syrian agricultural imports, according to the World Food and Agriculture Organization, where food currently comprises the backbone of Syrian imports.

Sh. Kh