Government sparing no effort to meet requirements of steadfast Syrian citizens

The government is sparing no effort to meet the requirements of the steadfast Syrian citizens to help them withstand the ongoing crisis caused by the heinous terrorist war imposed on Syria, Prime Minister Imad Khamis has stressed, noting that a strategic plan was drawn up for this purpose.

The premier was speaking during a meeting on Monday with journalists and staff of "al-Thawara newspaper" at Al-Wahda Foundation for Press, Printing and Publishing headquarter.

He said backing the Syrian army in its fight against terrorism and assisting martyrs families are among top priorities of the government's plan.

 Khamis urged journalists to focus on the difficult economic situation in the country and to tell citizens the truth about the horrible impacts of the terrorist groups' crimes against the country's economy, including depriving Syria from the revenues of oil and gas, thereby transforming Syria from an oil producing country to an oil importing country which added more suffering to the citizens because of the absence of oil derivatives from the market.

He vowed government procedures to achieve revenues that will be used in reactivating the process of agricultural and industrial production.

He asserted the importance of small and micro-sized projects in supporting national economy and boosting the production process in general.

"The government has earmarked some 500 million Syrian pounds to support "Mashrou'i" (My Project) program and to carry out small enterprises with the purpose of alleviating citizens' burdens and develop rural areas, the prime minister said.

 Reactivating Production

According to Khamis, the government is keen on reactivating production in the industrial, agriculture and trade sectors. It started to issue new legislations and regulations that ensure the reoperation of these productive economic sectors.  

"We are working within a joint vision together with the public and private economic and industrial sectors to support all the industrialists who were affected by the crisis in Syria," he added.

He also said that ten factories affiliated to the Ministry of Industry are under rehabilitation and they need three months to be ready.

Besides, supporting agriculture is a priority of the government work, the premier said, noting that the government has bought some farmers' crops of sugar beet and citrus fruits.

Oil sector

The prime minister pointed out that "over the past two months, we lost some 2 billion dollars because of the terrorist attacks on the oil sector. However, despite this loss the government continued to ensure oil derivatives and electricity to the citizens."

Khamis hailed the victories being achieved by the Syrian Arab army  in its battle against terrorism in different parts of Syria and affirmed that local reconciliation will continue as to help misled persons, who carried weapons against the state, to return and start a new normal life after settling their legal status.

On his part, Information Minister Mohammad Ramez Turjman stressed the importance of national media in confronting the aggression targeting Syria, in enhancing the strength of the Syrian state and in shedding light on citizens problems.

Hamda Mustafa/ Lama Al-Hassanieh

Photo: Mahfouz Abohadir