Government Vows to Facilitate Procedures Aiming to Boost Syrian-Iraqi Economic Ties: Premier

 DAMASCUS, (ST)- Prime Minister Emad Khamis has stressed that the extraordinary circumstances through which both Syria and Iraq are passing through add more responsibility on the two sides to fight terrorism and enhance cooperation in all fields with the participation of the economic, trade and industrial facilities as well as the organizations and unions of both countries.

 Meeting on Sunday a delegation of Iraqi businessmen led by Jaafar al-Hamadani, Chairman of the Federation of the Iraqi Chambers of Commerce, the Premier said the Syrian government is ready to provide necessary facilitations, amend legislations and adopt suitable procedures that boost economic ties between Syria and Iraq and eliminate obstacles hindering the upgrading of trade exchange.

Khamis urged continuous contacts to assess exportation activities and organize exhibitions in both countries in order to further enhance bilateral ties.

On their part, members of the Iraqi delegation said events in Syria has affected economy in Iraq and led to reducing oil prices, an issue that negatively affected investment projects. They called on the Syrian companies to take part in economic activities in Iraq and urged cooperation between the Syrian and Iraqi businessmen.

They affirmed the importance of reactivating the joint Iraqi-Syrian business council and ensuring the infrastructure necessary to the export-import activities.

Hamda Mustafa