Upon directives of President al-Assad, a government delegation, led by Khamis, visits Aleppo to inspect its economic, service situation


Aleppo - Upon the directives of President Bashar al-Assad, a government delegation, led by Prime Minister Imad Khamis started Sunday a visit to Aleppo to inspect the economic and service situation in the city.

“The visit is very important which comes as a crowning to the victories of the Syrian army and inspecting and getting acquainted with the demands of Aleppo citizens as well as integrating all government efforts to improve the economic and services situation in the city,” Premier Khamis said.

The delegation, which comprises 15 ministers, started its meetings at al-Baath Arab Socialist party’s building in Aleppo, SANA reported.

Khamis called for presenting new visions to re-evaluate the urban project in Aleppo according to modern patterns with the participation of all sides concerned.


He reviewed the main titles of the visit’s goals, starting from rehabilitating infrastructure, the Airport and not ending at resorting the tourist facilities damaged by terrorism.

Some participants in the meeting called for activating amnesty decree, allowing families of countryside to return to their villages and encouraging reconciliations in Aleppo.