Industry Ministry's Procedures to Alleviate Crisis Impacts

The Syrian Government has recently issued a ministerial statement on the government's policy to alleviate the negative impacts of the ongoing crisis Syria has been facing. The government demanded every ministry to work out a report on the basic procedures adopted in this connection.

The ministerial statement takes into consideration the negative impacts of the current crisis in Syria on all walks of life and focuses on how to eliminate obstacles hindering the ministries' activities.

Adnan Al- Sukhni, the Industry Minister, said adopting new organizational and administrative procedures to alleviate the impacts of the crisis has become a top priority of each ministry in the light of the exceptional circumstances Syria has been encountering.

He pointed out that the Industry Ministry's report stresses the importance of benefitting from the available potentials to start rehabilitating the infrastructure of the industrial companies and establishments damaged by the foreign-backed armed terrorist groups.

Al-Sukhni underscored that in cooperation with the Regional Planning Commission (RPC), the Industry Ministry worked out a strategy to develop 25 industrial zones distributed in all the Syrian provinces.

The report underlines that the Ministry has spared no effort to cooperate with all trade unions as well as the economic, industrial and services institutions of the private and public sectors to reactivate implementing new projects in all domains.

It necessitates supporting the small and medium-sized industries due to their fundamental role in helping the national economy withstand the current extraordinary circumstances.

The ministry's report points out that an industrial development fund has been established in cooperation with the chamber of industry to serve industrial development.

It also highlights the ministry's keen effort to support vocational training to serve the building and construction sector aiming to rebuild Syria.

The report confirms that a number of joint and government projects are due to be implemented aiming at encouraging stopped industrial facilities to launch alternative activities which can be of great economic feasibility.

Rawaa Ghanam