70 Billion Dollar, Syrian economic losses since 2011

According to data of Syrian government, international institutions, and western press economic estimation, that Syria has suffered huge economic losses since march 2011, until early 2013, exceeded 70 Billion US dollar, after 20 month of global war against Syria, the Syrian economy shrank by 25%, and the official price of dollar increased to 79 pounds according to the central bank in early 2013, after it was 47 Syrian pounds, at the beginning of the crisis.

There are two types of losses, one related to the loss of productivity and economic downturn, it valued 20 to 25 billion dollar, and other related to concrete devastation and ruins, which valued 40 to 50 billion dollar, the most prominent aspect was in the tourism sector, which lost about 9 billion dollar, and two billion in remittances, and the rest is as a result of disabling industry, construction, trade, services and agriculture.

Destruction of Syria as a strategic objective

The terrorist groups, and those who are behind them, purposely cripple and hustle the Syrian economy to collapse, and to eliminate any progress element , lest it would rise again, those armed groups destroyed public facilities, institutions, government buildings, factories, airports, and infrastructure of roads, bridges, railways, oil and gas pipelines, schools, and hospitals, They looted everything, houses, factories, shops,  confiscated many machines and vehicles of social services, such as ambulances and cars, they also subjected about 300 medical centers to burning or looting, and targeted about 25 electric stations of high frequency.

A report for the world Health Organization has mentioned that Syria is suffering a severe shortage of medicine, because of the Arab and western blockade, and that oil production fell from 400 thousand barrel per day, to less than half.

In December 2012 the Syrian government said that, about thousand  factories in Aleppo were dismounted and transported to Turkey .

In addition to all these destructions, the Syrian people are suffering blockade and sanctions, imposed on them, since 2004 as part of " law to punish Syria" , and it renews every year, but the economic blockade doubled since 2011, not from the United states and most European Union countries, but also from their brothers the Arab countries.

Inflation and living crisis

The Syrian government has spent billions of dollars from its foreign currency reserves to pay salaries and to support displaced people, and to supply essential materials, but not letting the Syrian currency to collapse. Before the crisis the deficiency in the government treasury, was no more than three to five of domestic product gross, and now it is expected to reach to 10 billion dollar, in 2013, it means that it is more than 17% of domestic product gross.

With the weakness  in currency and declining in the productivity, and the break down in economic cycle, prices index rose in Syria about 50%, these were reflected in the skyrocket in apartment rents, and the prices of materials and goods, many economic sectors entirely or partly stopped, including hospitals, schools, transport, hotels, and many materials could not reach from place to place, because of terrorists and snipers, who were and still spreading every where.

Law for the terrorists

What caused pain and suffering to Syrian people, more than the economy, is their safety, which was a bless in Syria, but now it is lost, it changed to fear and panic, by the armed terrorists, they kidnap the children, the old people, and raping their girls and women, to have ransom, or they will kill them, by sword in execution fields. They have law for themselves in the name of al-shari'a, by fatwa from their masters in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

At last: this is a plan to ruin Syria, it is not a revolution, it is vast destruction to the economy, and to the lovely spirit of the Syrian people, all that is just to serve America, and Israel.

By: Kamal Dib (Lebanese professor living in Canada)

Translated by : Butheina Al nounou