Russia's BIOCAD Company to Supply Syria with Cancer Drugs till 2021

MOSCOW, (ST)-Dmitry Morozov, Director General of BIOCAD, the Russia's leading innovative biotechnology and pharmaceutical company, has announced that the company plans to supply Syria with cancer medicine till the year 2021 at a total value of 250 million rubles.

 Morozov told journalists in Moscow on Friday that "the Syrian Health Ministry has given a certificate of registration to one of BIOCAd's medication as an alternative of (Rituximab), a cancer drug, thereby the company can participate in the annual tenders announced by Damascus.

Morozov stressed that BIOCAD has become the first Russian company to get a government registration for drugs to treat cancer cases in Syria. He pointed out that his company will supply the Syrian Health Ministry with some 4000 medicine cans of the bio alternative of (Rituximab) every year.

 Hamda Mustafa