Joint Initiative to alleviate economic crisis

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Under the slogan of " alleviating the impact  of the crisis on society and economy", the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade, in cooperation with "Al-Jodda" group for Studies discussed an initiative to overcome consequences  of the sanctions against Syria.

The initiative points out that the Syrian economy is of multiple resources, and its main components are  agriculture, industry , trade, services  and  crude oil.

"Syria has new drives and orientations to withstand global conspiracy, achieve food security and boost its  national economy", the initiative read.

It stressed the importance of cooperation among national, foreign , official and private organizations to achieve the set objectives.

For his part , the Deputy Economy and Foreign Trade Minister Dr. Hayyan Salman said Syria has been encountering all forms of sanctions which aim at undermining its economic and trade stability, asserting that the initiative would help  support the Syrian current economic and trade orientations, help entrepreneurs, and theprojects , damaged by severe acts of terrorists groups.

Chairman of Al-joda group  noted that the  key role played by the ministry is to support productive and economic projects, to create new job opportunities in cooperation with the public, private and joint sectors.

Rawaa Ghanam