Printing Banknotes of "2000" Category is "Untrue Altogether"- Mayaleh

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Governor of the Central Bank of Syria Dr. Adib Mayaleh  said that what has been debated by certain media about printing banknotes of  "2000" category is  "untrue altogether, and  is part of the war and conspiracy to undermine the Syrian economy , and weaken  citizen 's  confidence in  the Syrian pound ".

In a statement to SANA , today Mayaleh warned citizens from dealing  with these counterfeit currency  if found and  to inform the sides concerned on that,  indicating that the banknotes currently in circulation are of 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 pounds.

Mayaleh revealed that the Central Bank of Syria "will take  in the coming period the necessary measures to balance  exchange rate and reduce manipulation of the Syrian lira exchange rate in the black market," noting  that "the Syrian pound  is stable."
He  stressed that "the bank has all the tools necessary to maintain the exchange rate of the lira," noting "In this  context , agreements were signed with the Iranian side, during the past two days to provide line credit facility worth one billion dollars to finance the import of goods to Syria and investment projects."

T. Fateh