Hard Evidence on Turkish Government Involvement in Stealing hundreds of Syrian Plants: Shehabi




DAMASCUS,ST) Chairman of the  Federation of the Syrian Chambers of Industry Fares Shehabi stressed that Aleppo Chamber of Industry has all the evidence on the involvement of the Turkish government   in stealing production lines and machines of  hundreds of different laboratories from  the city of Aleppo and in smuggling them into the  Turkish territory,  in clear violation of international laws.

In a statement to SANA, al-Shehabi indicated that terrorists  looting of factories and laboratories in Aleppo aimed at the destruction of the Syrian economy,  damaging the Syrian industry  which competes the Turkish products and making a rift between the national  business and the government in Syria, , adding that  industrialists in Aleppo accuse the Turkish government of deliberate  terrorism and criminality against the Syrian industry and demanding the formation of a neutral international commission to investigate facts about stealing and looting  factories in Aleppo, at the full knowledge of the Turkish government.

He demanded  the current Turkish government to compensate for the damages inflicted upon Aleppo industry, by facilitating the transit of terrorists, who stole the Syrian  factories 's machinery and production lines and smuggled them across the border from Syria   into Turkey.

" There are no accurate estimates for  industrialists on  total losses in Syria by armed terrorist groups because of the inability to have  access to certain plants," he said,  explaining that terrorists stole about 1,000 factories  in the city  of  Aleppo.

He continued  that initial estimates of the damage inflicted on Aleppo 's industrial plants caused by terrorist acts exceed  200 billion  Syrian Pounds, indicating that "this sum does not include the destruction of buildings and  ancient markets , nor  the growing accumulated losses borne on a  daily basis on industrialists.

He pointed  the importance of eliminating terrorists in all areas of Aleppo and the restoration of  security and safety  so as industrialists could return to their factories to take part in the  relief, reconstruction and reconciliation efforts in the country.

" In a time record,  industrialists will be able to rebuild  factories , much better than before," he stressed.

He  called more efforts to be exerted as to secure fuel oil  for   remaining factories  to continue  working to meet the increasing demand for  the local market under the current circumstances.

" These terrorist acts are but  a crime against the Syrians, targeting  everyone  in livelihood , housing and daily  needs, including the traders and industrialists  ." he emphasized.

T. Fateh