Deputy Premier announces new measures to punish manipulators in basic stuff prices

DAMASCUS,(ST)-Deputy Prime Minister for economic affairs and Minister of Internal Trade and Protecting consumer Dr. Qadri Jamil pointed out that the government is heading for approving a law to stress punishment of those who perpetrate smuggling and corruption especially to the stuff of bread, gas and fuel.

Dr. Qadri was quoted as saying  that "any fuel station smuggling the fuel will be confiscated for at least one year in favor of  SADCOP or the Local Administration,"

The Deputy Premierasserted that a new mechanism is being studied to distribute gas bottles on citizens through monthly coupons, referring to the establishment of courts specialized in determining the trade cases immediately and quickly.    

Regarding the necessary mechanisms and measures for reactivating the role played by the General Establishment of Storing and Marketing and the Consumption General Establishment in ensuring the market needs of the basic stuff and goods, Dr. Qadri affirmed that there is a study to emend the decree of founding the establishments according to which the two establishments will be allowed to ensure the stuff and goods either through local sources or through importing and to positively intervene in the market.       

Concerning  the list of  prices of the citizen’s necessary goods and stuff issued by the Ministry, Dr. Qadri said that issuing the prices list  helps the supplies supervisors to do their duties well in case of finding an increase of prices.

" we are working to inform the citizen of the role played by him for submitting  complaints and to defend their rights through setting up a complaints center," Dr. Qadri said.

Dr. Qadri called for reactivating the role played by non official parties in organizing and controlling the process of delivering and distributing the basic stuff through launching the initiative of “the Syrian people’s parcel is a red line”.

" the  role played by the Ministry of  Interior Trade and Protecting Consumer in this voluntary initiative is embodied in facilitating communication with the parties responsible for ensuring fuel, concluded  Dr. Qadri .

Inas Abdul kareem