The 2013 turnover to hit SP16bn, says foreign trade Est.

Net profits of the General Foreign Trade Establishment are expected to hit SP 2 billion in 2013 through business activities and commissions.

Speaking to the 'Tishreen' newspaper, the establishment's Director General said: "Because of business activities and commission got through ensuring local market's needs as regards items and necessary products the profits reached up to SP2bn."

Mohammad Hammod added the said profits are actual incomes under business standards.

The 2013-plan seeks to have a turnover of SP 16bn, while the value of purchases is to reach SP14.7bn.

Hammod noted that value of the establishment's stock is about SP109m.

However, the Gross National Product (GNP) estimated at SP3.5bn.

Currently, the establishment focuses on providing local market with main items including sugar, rice, and fertilizer.