Importance of Fairs’ Industry

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Mohamad Zafer Mahbek has recently opened at DamascusCastle the Documentation Pavilion of the Damascus International Fair. The event was held by the General Establishment of International Fairs and Markets.

“This sort of fairs reflects the people’s taste in this country and the importance of Syrian industries displayed in previous fairs. The goal of this specific fairs is to acquaint others with the remarkable economic, social, tourist and cultural sides in Syria”, the minister said. 

Those fairs, Dr. Mahbek pointed out, have great significance in the domain of marketing national products. The Documentation Pavilion of the Damascus International Fair links the originality of the past and the deep- rootedness of the Syrian industries reflected by the fairs’ activities, he added.

“The idea of the Documentation Fair is inspired by the Syrian civilized memory , particularly the ancient city of Damascus, its streets and markets”, Dr. Mahbek said.

The goal of this documentation Fair is to shed light on the role of the Damascus International Fair in supporting the national economy.

Sh. Kh.