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Economy Minister: Moving Towards Economy of Knowledge Based on Human Resources

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, Dr. Mohammed Zafer Mahbaq, said that the economy in the present day had shifted to an economy -based on knowledge and the standards of States' development don’t  based on the huge and diverse economic potential as far they based on human resources primarily.

The Minister pointed out that the organization of work and its mechanisms are a fundamental part in improving productivity and the Syrian economy goes in this direction despite the current circumstances.

Dr. Mahbaq delivered his speech, during an evaluation  session held recently in Damascus, to the performance of the central directorates' work in the ministry during the second half of last year 2012.

"When we prepare a qualified,  capable person and able to innovate and think properly, then we will be to achieve fruitful achievement and therefore the human resources and their  storage of science and knowledge are the most important of all the economic potential," he said.

The Minister stressed the interest to reduce spending and rationalize consumption because this is an important contribution in supporting our economy, especially in the current circumstances, as well as the importance of discipline and commitment, especially in the current.

"The research competencies in the ministry require training to a large degree and asked each of those who make researches to meet with the concerned bodies in the ministries to achieve integrated, accurate and meaningful researches because the purpose of any research is to change reality for the better, and the need to be objective in making the researches reliable to support  the development of our economy for the better," the minister concluded.