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Citizens, government cooperate to 'justly' distribute items

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs says popular support is essential to solve the problems of distributing basic needs among citizens.

In a meeting with citizens from "ReknEddin" suburb, Dr.Qadri Jamil said people's cooperation with government could help solve the problem of distributing gas and fuel as laws and legislations are no longer enough to notch up this goal.

He stressed that 70% of the bread matter was solved.

According to SANA, the meeting held on Sunday revolved around measures being adopted to guarantee ensuring the said items to the suburb's citizens at prices identified by the government.

Young men from "RoknEddin" are due to receive specific quantity from the items to be justly distributed among the citizens there. The suburb is divided into three sectors in order to ease the adopted process.

Initially, 100 gas cylinders and 4000 litters of fuel are to be delivered daily to the young men to distribute them among citizens of the suburb. 

Dr. Jamil sees it is necessary to draw up measures that would help combating monopolization and smuggling of basic items.