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Syrian, Iranian, Iraqi Oil ministers to Meet on Implementing Joint Gas Project

TEHRAN,(ST)_  Iranian Oil Minister Rostom Qasemi disclosed on Wednesday  that a trilateral meeting for oil ministers in Syria, Iran and Iraq will be held in the first half of this month in Baghdad to follow up the implementation of the  gas pipeline project with a total capacity of 80 million cubic meters per day. He explained that the project  will be carried out within Iran to the Iraqi-Syrian border and linked to the  Syrian gas network, adding that national concerned companies in the three countries will carry out the project.
During his meeting with Syria 's ambassador in Tehran, Dr. Adnan Mahmoud, Minister al-Qasimi stressed that  his country will spare no efforts t in supporting Syria and ensuring elements of her steadfastness in the face of war, hatched by the US,  and some western and regional countries to undermine her national stances in supporting resistance .
"We are confident that enemy schemes  in the region and the world behind  supporting terrorism and  fighting the Syrian people to maintain their basic living needs will doom to failure."
For his part, Ambassador Mahmoud pointed to the strategic  importance of completing the Iranian gas transferring project to Iraq and Syria because in the light of current challenges in the region,  and to  meet the needs of the three countries and serve their common economic interests.
Worthy mentioning that the project of transferring Iranian gas to Iraq and Syria will provide Syria with  20 million cubic meters of gas per day.

T. Fateh